Chronology of Previous Releases of American Immigrants from Tyczyn, Poland

Successive updates (releases) of the First Edition of this book (Volumes 1 and 2) were generated since the beginning of distribution. Most of these updates were made to correction minor errors or improve readability. The release code (date) is shown near the bottom of the back of the title page of both volumes, beneath the line "First Edition." The following chronology of changes may be of interest in deciding whether to request or download a more contemporary release:

Volume 1

Release 20070402 — Initial release
Release 20070418 — One occurrance of the name "Philis" was changed to "Phyllis" in a genealogy chart.
Release 20070419 — On Acknowledgements page the name "Peggy" was changed to "Margaret"; "New Work" changed to "New York."
Release 20070426 — Eight minor typographical, grammar, punctuation, and style changes made on pages 23, 24, 74, 77, 99, 124, 524, and 535.
Release 20070510 — Slight shift of right margins on pages 3 and 5, plus underlining of word "Page."
Release 20070725 — One occurance of the name "Anna" changed to "Anne" on page 376.
Release 20070917 — Updated the email address on copyright page; grammar correction on page 16.
Release 20120111 — Deleted duplicate mention of Mary Bush on page 10.
Release 20120117 — Fixed reference error on page 362: CYRA0193 changed to CYRA1251.
Release 20120830 — Minor cosmetic changes made in page layout format for certain pages.
Release 20130708 — Minor cosmetic changes made in page layout format for certain pages.

Volume 2

Prototypes A and B — These pre-release versions should be destroyed and replaced with a more contemporary release.
Release 20070201, file code C, file name VOLUME2C.PDF — Incorporates only one significant technical change over Prototype B: the deletion of the ISBN on the back of the title page for a two volume set. (In this release, ISBNs are listed for both Volume 1 and 2 as individual books.) Also incorporates numerous insignificant cosmetic, punctuation, spelling, word usage/consistency, and grammatical improvements over Prototype B.
Release 20070313, file code D, file name VOLUME2D.PDF — Incorporates minor cosmetic and technical improvements on the back of the title page, plus a change in the Table of Contents for an appendix in Volume 1. For all practical purposes, this release is just as good as the previous one (file code C).
File code E [not released]
Release 20070402, file code F, file name VOLUME2F.PDF — More minor cosmetic changes. For all practical purposes, this releases is just as good as Release 20070313, file code D.

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Updated 23 January 2014